What's your favourite trail/ultra/mountain instagram account?

I follow a few athletes on Instagram, but I’m sure there are other ultra athletes out there who have really good profiles who I have never heard of. So, who’d ya follow? whose has a really good account?

One of my favourite accounts is Philippreiter007. He’s on the Salomon team. Who can’t be a fan of someone who describes themselves as “chronically excited”. He’s usually at the end of a camera at major european ultra events and seems to always be on some kind of adventure. He’s always smiling and he’s absolutely fearless! www.instagram.com/p/CSPvXWwj56H/

I also really like Jonas Deichmann’s account: jonas_deichmann. I know he’s doing a triathlon around the world, but he’s running 120 marathons through Mexico atm. - so that can be classed as ultra running too! he always has a smile, he never gives up and his journey through Mexico is absolutely inspiring. He’s getting so much support from local running groups, it really warms my heart to see people being so kind and generous to a total stranger. www.instagram.com/p/CS4KgRyAnB-/

last account is : kilianjornet. Well, because it’s Kilian and who doesn’t want to see films like this: www.instagram.com/p/CSr5T0eoKNf/

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I also really like Martina Valmassoi. She is the community manager for Salomon so she really has an eye for great photography.

And, if you want to see a great collection of photographs from runners all over the world you should check out Trail and Ultra Running. They do a really good job of curating photos from followers and sharing them on their page.

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Love Martina’s Valmassoi’s account. Definitely going to check out the via ferrata she did recently in the Dolomites. Thanks David :blush:

I honestly rarely use i-gram but will definitely check these out – good recs!

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I’m afraid I’ve never followed anybody on anything. I’ve never had a FB, IG, twitter or Strava account. I must live in a cave. :laughing:

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Hey FP, thanks for the reply. Tbh I probably wouldn’t have an insta account if my children didn’t have one. I only got an account so that I could keep an eye on the comments etc on their accounts. But like you we’re not on the others. I really like following some of the athletes, esp. mountaineers/sky runners who have photography as their hobby.

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Thanks Mike :slightly_smiling_face: