What's your 5k plan?

The M7 Trail Series has 7 different distances (8 if you unlock the bonus) from 5k to 30k… the 5k is available as soon as the event starts on Sept 30th. Where in this world is everybody running? Let’s hear your 5k plan… tough course or going for speed?

Not tough, not fast… lol - but hoping for beautiful Pacific Ocean views as I’ll be running the cliffs near Santa Cruz California.


Not tough, not fast - I like your style haha. that sounds a lot more scenic than Philly area! we’re a few weeks early for the great foliage but the temps are perfect this time of year :running_man:

Similar to Philly, I’ll be running in the DC area. I haven’t finalized a route yet, but most likely will be in Rock Creek Park or the C&O Trail. The weather is looking pretty ideal to get out there this weekend! Good luck everyone!