What’s going on with races in your neck of the woods?

@radu91 posted an update on how races are operating in Romania.

So, got me wondering how things are going in your neck of the woods.

Here in Nashville there is a fever pitch to get back to racing.

The trails are packed with runners (both new and old).

Some smaller races are back up and running. The larger ones are still shelved, but not yet “cancelled” for 2021. Lots of people crossing fingers.

Lots of fell/hill races in the UK have been bumped to September. I think the end of summer/early autumn is going to be rammed with races which will have pretty empty fields. My first race has been bumped from April to June. My July race is looking hopeful (2day mountain marathon) but we’ll see. I think England has opened up quicker than I expected so I’m not convinced we won’t shut back down again.

Yah agreed. I was signed up for a race outside of Knoxville and it got moved to virtual several weeks ago, but it’s on the larger side for this part of the country – probably several hundred racers, with 2-3x that in terms of family and team support.

Smaller local races are going on with some slight modifications here in TX (same status as the last 6+ months basically). Some of the bigger races that were pushed to late spring are still pending, I am curious to see what happens with them.

Multi use paths and the mountain bike trails I run on are packed during peak hours, especially now that the weather is starting to get “nice” again. Definitely a mix of new and experienced people on both.

We’re at the mercy of covid lockdowns / alert level changes here in NZ, which recently have been short and with only hrs’ notice - I think the Tarawera ultra was completed 24hrs before a 3-day restricted period, and on Saturday night we had another alert level change which stuffed a one big event the next morning and a couple more this coming weekend - one cancelled, one hopefully being rescheduled for a few weeks’ time - so tough for those who’ve been putting in months of hard work. So, all on as scheduled, and hugely grateful for that, but you might get the rug ripped out from under you at short notice!

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Man, that has to be tough on RDs (and the racers) to have the risk of lockdowns implemented with only a few hours notice.

All annual long time races in So Cal that I follow are still pretty much shut down… Looks like things will start to open up in April for some events? I have an entry in for Wild, Wild, West in Lone Pine, Ca in May and so far it looks like it will happen. It will be my first race in 15 months!

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How’s the vaccine rollout going?

Romania had reached recently 1.000.000 (over 5% of population) people with the first dose. From those, over 600.000 had already got also the 2nd dose. From April I should be eligible to get the vaccine.

Here in Aus we are going pretty well, in my state of NSW we are about to hit 50 days without a community transmission, and that’s a pretty equivalent number for all states. Large events are starting to roll out now, smaller trails/ultras have been happening since around August.

Our biggest concern is snap lockdowns closing state borders or forcing stay at home orders. These are typically implemented with 1-2 cases showing up. Having such a low case rate means hard lockdowns are implemented for super low transmission counts and at short notice to keep the risk of extended community transmission at bay.

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That’s amazing that y’all have been able to keep numbers flat for that long. Our numbers are declining here in the states but not flat like that.

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Gaining momentum in CA and can feel a positive mood change

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I jynxed it! Wild Wild West Marathon in Lone Pine Ca / May 1st cancelled today due to permitting decline by local Health Dept to permit which shuts down all subsequernt agencies approval.


Boo! Sorry to hear this.

The company I work for hosted our own first trail run festival a couple of weeks ago, the Buffalo Stampede Sky Ultra/marathon/sky race national champs. Great event and nearly 700 participants.

Ultra Trail Australia due to kick off with some slight modifications for covid in 2 weeks…my first real attempt at 100k.

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That’s great! 700 ppl is a good sized crowd. The more ppl see these types of events going down without any issues, the more confident they’ll be and, hopefully, the more normal things will get.

What are the latest updates from everyone?

Here (Hungary, one of the closest neighborhoods of Romania) there are some releases of lockdowns.
Every race during the lockdown was postponed to an uncertain date.
As these are the “uncertain dates “ where we can race, my calendar is double booked for every 3rd week.
Races from 2020 and races from 2021 are all coming together.

Racing is really back in full force here in the states. There are a few pockets where the permit authorities are requiring small wave starts, but race directors are being creative in making this work.

California just opened back up fully on June 15th and they were the last major state we were all waiting on.

We will see if the Delta variant pulls back any areas of the country, but there hasn’t been any chatter about that yet.

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Is anyone hearing of any cancellations due to Delta?

Huge issues in Aus.

We are in the midst of delta on the east coast, which given our suppression mentality means we are in a lot of lockdowns, I’ve been in one 8 weeks now near Sydney. All sorts of cancellations.

Luckily it’s relatively contained to specific states, so others are able to continue, albeit under pressure of snap lockdowns at 1-2 cases.

Our hope is now reaching vaccination targets to enable us to get out of lockdown.

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