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That one way ticket looks rough but pretty interesting. That’s a pretty big commitment to head back out for mother 10k.


Our European friends have pretty full race calendars. Are races pretty open in Europe this year?
It’s looked, from afar, as if Europe has been pretty locked down so was unsure if racing has opened back up again.

Transgrancanaria took place this week, I’m not sure what will happen with other World Tour races. In my country until now there is a mix of decisions from race organizers:

  • Some races are already canceled and next edition scheduled for 2022 (2nd straight cancellation for most of them).
  • One well established trail race with almost 2000 participants every year (usually sold out in 2-3 days) has a date announced for this year. There are no other news and also registrations are not open.
  • There are a few races that seems to go ahead based on the activity (mostly social media) of organizers.
  • Races that took place in autumn (including the biggest trail race in the country) are currently posponing the registration for midsummer.
  • Some new races are trying to take advantage of cancellation of well established races. With a free calendar and runners eagers to race this looks like a good period to enter the market.

Last year was a disaster, 80% of the races were cancelled here.
This year looks a bit better.
A few races are already cancelled, but I see better days coming.
There are 2 options what races organizers try to do in order to NOT have many people at the start line:

  • Race starts anytime between 6am and let’s say 1pm, start whenever you arrive to race center.
  • Multiple starting times in 5 minutes splits, and only a few runners can start at the same time. This is a bit more organized than option 1, but starting the race can easily become a one hour long ceremony.

Both options need chip timing, as we never know when the actual start time would be.

Also, pre-race pasta parties are cancelled, expos are cancelled, strict no-visitors rule at the race center, and a few other security rules were introduced.


small world, but fellow Magyar here as well.

both parents from Hungary and I lived there for some time during my younger years. Gyor and Budapest.

waiting for things to open up so I can take the family.



S. African immigrant now living in Denver, got here from slowtwitch…
Started as a swimmer, switched to running when my high school didn’t have a swim team, did 3 long relay runs during HS - Durban-Johannesburg (604km, team of 10), 36-hour and 48-hour track relays. First marathon at age 18 in 3:10 because they wouldn’t let me run one at 17, a bunch of 2-Oceans 56km races and assorted trail and other ultras after that. Switched to short distance tri in 1999 as raising hell (kids) didn’t leave much time for training/running ultras.

Now attempting to get back into trail running, but injury keeps stopping play…


Hi Adam here, living in Galway, Ireland but originally from northwest England.

The last few years I’ve done a few shorter-ultras (50-63km) but haven’t been running much the last eight months with an ankle injury.

Looking forward to lots of chat about trail and ultra running on here.

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Joe from DFW here. Running trails/ultras since 1990. Saw a show about Leadville 100 and decided I needed to do that. 30 years later, I still haven’t run Leadville. Still on my list.


Have you seen “The Why” by Billy Yang?

Leadville should send him a check for that video…if you didn’t have Leadville on your list before his piece…it certainly will be on it after


Nick from the Central Coast, Australia here. Came across from triathlons about a year ago with the aim of cracking the UTA 100k. The event has been postponed twice now, but is on for May. Luckily we are doing really well in covid here in aus, and we have been able to have quite a few trail runs over the last year, and Ironman are looking good now as well.


Noooooo… I moved from Budapest to Gyor after 30 yrs. :slight_smile: The world is small indeed… :slight_smile:

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Blake from central Pennsylvania. Best trail year, thus far, for me was 2017. Completed the Eastern States 100 (33:57), as part of the PA Triple Crown. I have the pleasure of serving as race director of the Eagleton Trail Challenge, looking forward to welcoming trekkers back in April after being unable to have the event in 2020.

Looking forward to getting to know folks in this community & maybe even meeting some of you at events or out on the trails.

Shout out to David & Jay for getting this started!


Randy - South Jersey

Beer Runner, Endorphin Junkie, UltraRunning FanBoy, Post-Prime Skate Punk Sell-Out, Bass Player for at LEAST half a dozen bands you never heard of

Probably some other details I’m leaving out, but they’ll come around in time


BY is fantastic!

Hi Sarah here from the SF Bay Area! I’ve been doing trail running for a few years now but I’m really a swimmer and SwimRunner at heart. The lack of races was a huge adjustment but our local trail running RD has been amazing setting up Open Course racing using GPX files and validation with actual leaderboards. I spent several months last year running the entire Bay Area Ridge trail in segments and honestly I almost loved it more than traditional racing. Most of my (spring) races from 2020 have already been deferred again to 2022 so not much on my calendar (yet). The only thing on my calendar so far “officially” Is

Odyssey SwimRun Casco Bay Islands (Aug- ME)
Otillo Catalina Island World Series (Nov - CA)

We shall see what else the year brings.


Another beer runner here. I’m sure we have a couple of more. Beer and long distance running goes well together.


So far, I’ve survived that dumb schedule I made.

For those in Texas, we are doing Tejas Trails’ Pandora’s Box of Rox this weekend! Anyone else going?

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That’s awesome that you are still on pace. Hows the body holding up?

Haha, well…my Achilles hates me, but I’m finding that I’m recovering better and faster after each race. Cross training with cycling is helping a lot. Also, eating ALL the food.

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