Welcome! Introductions

Hello all, Mark 43, from Loganville (Atlanta) by way of Cypress TX.

Triathlete who started ultra running late last year due to cancellations of so many races. Living in Georgia allowed me to explore beautiful trails and countless elevation change which is something foreign to me living in Houston.

I have done one 50 k which consisted of one and a half mile loops. Then I got stupid and signed up for a 40 mile ultra (H9 Fierce dragon) through North Georgia Mountains in the freezing snow and ice. That was quite the experience to say the least.

Plan on doing a 100 K or 100mile before this summer.

Next race, Mar 13th Cold Mountain 50k, NC

hope to see some of y’all on the trails.


Hi, I am Jim. Thank you for setting this up and including us. My background is triathlon but I have shifted in the last few years more towards ultra trail running and some sprint tri’s.
I just did Grand Masters Ultra 100 miler 2 weeks ago. I am signed up for Angeles Crest 100 and Angeles National Forest 60k. Waiting list for The Bear 100 and considering signing up for Orange Curtain. We went to sign up for one of the races at Luis’ fantastic Born To Run festival but we saw that it is sold out so we will have to wait until next year.
We are volunteering at a Western States aid station and will help out with Kodiak 100 course marking, trail maintenance and volunteering if that race happens this year.


Hello! I am Jenny, @OldManRunning 's partner, and I am full of youth! :rofl: Ok, not really. But I really enjoy all kinds of running and being a part of the ultra community and going on “ultraventures” with Jim. My background is the couch, and I didn’t start running until I was 26 and decided that running a marathon in my 26th year of life would be cool (MATH GEEK!) Needless to say, I suffered greatly and there was hardly anyone left at the finish line to watch me stumble in. Somehow I was hooked, though. Fast forward 13 years later and I’m still running. I’m a little better at pacing and have had a few good/lucky days, but I still stumble across finish lines sometimes too. It’s good to stay humble! Anyways, after the pandemic put a quick stop to all racing plans, I look forward to getting back at it. I’m registered for Fat Dog 120, and on the waitlist for a bunch of other things, like The Bear, Quicksilver, Orange Curtain, and… I guess that’s it. Born To Run was a dream but I guess we screwed that one up and the registration came and went. Oops. I should probably get off my butt and register for more things now! My ultimate dream is to buy a motorhome and just travel all over our beautiful country and run a bunch of races in beautiful places! It doesn’t have to be a big motorhome, but two bathrooms and a big kitchen with a dishwasher would be nice.


Hi all, seems that I am the first guy from europe here. Marco from the ore mountains in germany. I come from xtri triathlon and want to do more trail/ultra running in the near future. If everything works fine a local 70km in july and something between 70km and 100km in the alps.


Very cool…

A few years ago I went on a journey and did 52 triathlons in 52 weeks (all for a local charity). We had a 3-month-old son when we started. Had a small RV…and we just traveled all over the country trying to find races that would work for the schedule.

Honestly, it was awesome. It was a very cool way to spend the first year with your first child. I don’t regret it one bit.

The best part is I didn’t have to train. If you race enough then all you are really doing during the week is recovering for the next one.


How was Grand Masters? That looks like an awesome race.

Grand Masters was great! Cool geezer vibe. 100 mile, 100k, 50 mile and 50k options gave everyone a distance that they could do.
We had several friends that raced and ran in to a bunch of people that we know from the trail running community. Also got to meet the great Gene Dykes who smoked the 100k course for 2nd place.
The course itself left a little to be desired. Very rocky and some cows apparently ate some course markings which caused the lead group in the 100 miler to go off course.
I had a really bad race but still enjoyed the experience and will most likely race again next year.

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Only just the first European! I’m from Northern England! I mainly fellrace but my preferred races are mountain marathons (sort of like 2 day rogaines carrying camping gear!)


Hey y’all – I’m Henry. I’m currently living in Boston. I do a mixture of endurance sports, but tend to feel most at home on trails. I did my first 50k this past November around a local trail and had a lot of fun.

This winter I’ve spent a lot of time on the treadmill, which I actually quite like for improving form, but spring seems to be in the air, so I’m starting to long for the trails again.

I’m excited to see this forum take shape and really hope to get a taste of the ultra community, up to this point, I’ve mostly done stuff alone.



Congrats on the 50k! And I feel similarly about treadmills…tough to do regularly but certainly useful.


Great to see you on the forum! Your expertise on trail running is so valuable.


Currently recovering from my first 100 mile run of the year in place of the cancelled Jackalope (damn Texas blizzard)…my race schedule posted above is looking scarier now!

Nice to hear from everyone!

Being from Texas, I haven’t ventured out for any races. Hoping to change that next year! Eyeing Arizona, Colorado, and Oregon.


So many Texans! Good to see y’all on here and hope all is going well after digging out from under that blizzard.

Anyways, I’m Eric currently living in Bend, OR. Can’t say I’ve ran anything longer than a marathon but now that I’m back in a part of the country that has the options essentially out my back door I’m excited to get into it. Should be a good break from staring at the road on the Tri bike.

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Hey all, Jeff Joiner and I’m fairly new to ultras. Signed up for the Lean Horse 100 miler last year and postponed to this year. Been a runner all my life and hit the Ironman scene as my mid life crisis for a few years. Looking forward to what I feel is a much more chill race scene compared to triathlon or road races.
Must admit my Youtube videos from the Golden Trail Series, Billy Yang and the like drew me in to a world I didn’t know existed 5 years ago.
Looking forward to this forum, the people and the knowledge to be gained.


Races are happening in Arizona and Texas…

Check our Aravaipa Running and Trail Racing Over Texas

Great race directors that are keeping their races going and ensuring COVID safety for participants and spectators

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@wjoiner glad to have you in the “cult!” And I had a similar experience when I started trail ultras – it’s a much more laid back group of people than I was used to. Hope you enjoy it and best of luck whenever it is you get to try your first 100!

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Hey everyone,

Mohammad here from Durham, NC. Caught the ultra bug after running a few marathons in college and getting hooked on being outdoors for hours on end, especially in the mountains. I consider myself an endurance junkie and love long distance cycling as well as triathlon. Discovered this forum via Slowtwitch and stoked to be a part of this community. Haven’t raced anything in a few years but favorite race has been HK100 and after solo hiking the TMB, would love to go back someday for CCC.

Happy running!


Awesome! Welcome…so great to have all of these STers in here…


Kris, 45, from Hungary :slight_smile: Not many of us are from outside of US, so I may be a unicorn here…
Hungary is a very small country in the middle of E.U.

How small is the small:
NYC total population as per Wikipedia: 8.600.000
Hungary country total population: 9.600.000

NYC and LA together has more residents than the whole country of Hungary, lol.

My calendar for this year:

  • June: 50k - lake Balaton
  • July: Spartan Trifecta weekend
  • July: Ultra Tisza-to (Lake Tisza) 65k
  • Aug: One Way Ticket - round of 10k - until the last blood :slight_smile: This race has no defined end, it lasts until at least 1 runner is able to finish the next round of 10k. My plan is to run at least 8 hours here.
  • Sept: Don Quixote Ultra Run - 80k
  • Oct: A few charity marathons, and may be another Spartan Trifecta weekend, depending how pandemic goes

Radu from Romania here :smiley:

I’m running for a few years now and for 2021 I have a few races scheduled:

  • 29th of May - Transylvania50k (50km and around +/-3000m of elevation)
  • 3th of July - Carpathia Trails (42km and around +/-2700m of elevation)
  • 24th of August - TDS (145km and around +/-9000 of elevation)

From the above, TDS is the main objective and I hope it will take place.