Veganism in Trail Running and Ultras

Out of curiosity, do you think there are more vegans/plant-based runners in the trail runners/ultra community compared to other sports (cycling, triathlon, swimming)? As far as IPA and microbrewery drinkers…well that goes without saying. :slight_smile:

I have no scientific or objective data so am going on a hunch that there are quite a few.


I was on a call the other day with a group of rds (probably a few dozen) and they were saying that a new “best practices” is to have vegan and vegetarian options at races - because of the amount of requests received from the community.

That may not be a good measuring stick for all trail/ultra runners.


That’s an interesting question that I’ve thought about too. I think vegan/plant based is growing in general and it likely lends itself well to a community that is devoted to healthy lifestyles…and let’s face it – we ultra runners are hardwired to only “go big” haha so if cutting out meat (vegetarian) is good, then cutting out 100% of all animal products must be better!

There are also a growing list of big name racers who are vegan – Rich Roll, Sage Canaday (says he’s like 90% vegan), Jim Walmsley is essentially vegetarian I think, and Jamil Coury. So if the leaders of the sport migrate in that direction, I’m sure it’s bound to bring a lot of other along in their wake.

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Well, vegans can be pretty loud so it may not be the best sample size :slight_smile:


I find that there’s usually a decent amount of vegan faire at most aid stations: Oreos, skittles, jelly beans, potatoes, banana, watermelon, cut up peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pretzels, potato chips… a lot of those things are pretty standard! In the U.S., I usually don’t have trouble finding something I can eat at aid stations.

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