UTMB entrants!

Holy smokes! Ok folks, who’s taken a peek at the elite entrant lists for UTMB this year? It is absolutely stacked!

On the women’s side, it’s just insane: Pascall, Dauwalter, Debats, Peterson, Herron, Allen, Howe, Tanguy, Hawgood…and seriously the list goes on!

On the men’s side it’s impressive but not as many name-brands as on the women’s: Walmsley, Capell, Tollefson, D’Haene, Thevenard, Schlarb.

Also, if anyone else filled out the Forum’s questionnaire on USU rankings, do you know how the “Performance Index” on UTMB’s website (linked below) works? I hadnt noticed it before…


Man that is a couple of amazing lineups… I can’t wait for this.

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Im Pumped.

Im fairly new to the trail scene - can anyone advise if UTMB has a good streaming coverage like States had this year?

Really pumped for this race - and as Im in another covid lockdown here in Aus, im always looking for content to watch on the treadmill!

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It will be a heck of a race.

They normally have very good live race coverage. I assume that is going to be the case this year. I think the world is hungry to see live coverage so I hope they pull it off.

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