UltraSignup Feature Request - Making Contact / Messaging

Hello UltraSignup. First of all, I love you all. Thanks for being you. Now, onto business… I’d love a way to contact people I’ve met during a race. Sometimes I do this via Strava or can find them on IG, but there’s others I’d love to know how to reach out to. For Eg, the dead-set-legend that I spent over 12hrs with chasing cutoffs while DFL at TRT100 this year. He got me home. We got each other home. I know his bib# and his name, but don’t know how to get in contact… I know he’s not on Strava (we discussed this while running) and we didn’t discuss any other social media. So, have been thinking for a long time how handy some kind of message capability would be. I’ve met some of the best people of my life during Ultras, but many have disappeared into the ether post race. Let’s keep the love alive! I know there’s downside to adding this functionality too, not everyone wants to be reachable. But hey, just a thought regarding a feature I for one would find very handy. Cheers, Pete.



Thanks for reaching out. I agree that this would be a super-cool feature.

We have a handful of “social” features on the product roadmap…we will add this one to the list. We will see if we can get the tech team on this!


Same thing has happened to me a few times, wonder if bib numbers could also be listed along with the results maybe? There doesn’t seem to be a way to get back to the entrants list with bib numbers after a race has taken place


I agree, not everyone wants to be reachable. It might be a safety concern for some. I know some people that deal with stalker type of issues.
However it would be really cool feature if done right. I passed someone I thought I recognized in a race. Afterwards I looked though the official photos, and it was a friend from high school. It would be nice to say hi.

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