TROT - What’s the Secret?

Rob had told me that he works with the best group of runners in the country. Makes me wonder what he’s doing right?

@smashley_runs - how’s this community so tight?

First, it’s just how great Rob is in general. He is a real stand up guy who does a great job of keeping everyone informed which was especially important this last year when the pandemic hit. He is incredibly welcoming and immediately makes you feel like family from the start. This inclusiveness has spread throughout the entire community, making everyone feel welcome which helps us all look out for each other and cheer each other on.

It also helps that they host races at some of the most beautiful parks in Texas. My two personal favorites being Brazos Bend State Park and Mission Tejas. Not only are the locations beautiful, but every type of runner has the opportunity to participate. Most races have distances ranging from 5K all the way up to 100M in some cases. There is something for everyone, those new to trail races and those hardcore veterans looking to put some serious mileage in. I have So.Much.Fun watching everyone cross the line, regardless of distance, and seeing the feeling of accomplishment on their faces.

Everyone has a desire to feel like they are part of something, and TROT gives that to runners which is why I believe the TROT community is to strong.


There is just something special with TROT. I’ve done other races, but nothing compares to the TROT Family.