Treadmill- Love it? Hate it? It’s complicated?

The weather for the next few days is absolutely gross. Freezing fog, icy rain, snow. So it looks like I’ll be spending some time on my treadmill, getting in miles and Netflix.

For me, I choose treadmill when the weather is terrible or I’m looking for an active recovery.

When do you choose a treadmill run over outdoors? Is it a set threshold?

I don’t have a treadmill or stationary bike, so my only option, when the weather seems nasty out, is to make a decision: stay in or go out.

When I decide to go out, no matter how unappealing the weather is, I’m generally glad I did. And if you’re in the woods (for me that’s often Warner Park in Nashville) the inclement weather can transform everything: the light, the colors, the trees… everything is new. It can seem like a completely different park at times. Running in inclement weather can also build resilience. So, my vote is, within reason and keeping safety in mind, get outside in all kinds of weather.

That said, both of my brothers, who love to get out as often as they can, also own Pelotons… and they love/swear by them. Maybe I would too, if I owned one. Until that happens, ignorance is bliss.

I don’t like treadmills at all, but this seems like the week for one!

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Only use if its my only option…weather, work schedule, life. etc

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I have a love/hate relationship with my treadmill. I love that I have it in case I need it, like today when in Houston we are expecting snow, but I HATE USING IT. :rofl:

9.999 times out of 10, I will run outside no matter what because I am stubborn, but I will admit that having a treadmill in my home is an absolute luxury.

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The Treadmill is not my favorite but I did my likes on it today. With 20s outside The weather did not call my name. So the treadmill it was.

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For me, the treadmill has two specific purposes:

  1. When the weather is really bad (cold or icy) and it is not safe to go outside
  2. When I am doing structured tempo/speed sessions where I want complete control.

Outside of that, outside is always much nicer.

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I’m sure you’re spending more time than normal with your treadmill this week if you’re in Houston! I hope you’re safe and warm. I’m in Nashville and we’re waiting for our second round of 2-4 inches of snow so I’ll be on my treadmill, too.

We were without power for about two days but the power was on and off so it wasn’t a full 48 hour shutdown. Even when power came back, we were being asked to conserve so I still opted to run outside, feeling like running on my electricity powered treadmill would be selfish considering the horrible state of our grid. Brrr it was cold! :cold_face: Very glad we seem to be at the end of this storm!


I don’t mind it since I can catch up on TV, but since I run with a Stryd it seems like I’m running at a snail’s pace on the stupid thing…

always prefer outside

Ha. I’ve heard the stryd has some weird treadmill variation. I’ve never used one but keep hearing that it seems correctly paced on the road but on the treadmill it just seems off.

I feel the stryd is accurate but the pace always seems slow. if I look at power instead of pace the effort seems to match outdoors.

Normally I just add a few percent on the incline and worry about power anyways

Any specific pace work, any flat run where I’m short on time (I have to drive 10-15 minutes to get to a flat route) or if the trails are too muddy to run without rutting them up.
I’ve never managed >10 miles in one session

I typically do around 50-60k a week in my treadmill. I’ve got 2 young kids so I need to be at hone a lot. I use the treadmill as ‘time in legs’ running, and make sure the additional 30-40k outdoors when I can get free are quality, technical trails with hills to offset the easier running on the tready.

In my mind, if you can handle a constant tempo 3-4 hour treadmill run you are in decent shape😂

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Generally, I’d say I am not a fan of treadmills. I think a lot of that, thought, is only having exposure to traditional, flat treadmills. Would be interested in trying out some new styles/models I’ve seen recently that are curved. Living here in central Pennsylvania, there have been times when it’s just been bitter cold, icy, nasty conditions outside. So, having an enjoyable “not outside running” option would be a nice option occasionally.

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I will run on the treadmill at the gym if I’m doing weights or swimming later

That being said, running on the TM while wearing a mask because of COVID protocols, absolutely sucks