Transfer registration for Hennepin 100 in IL October 2-3

Hello! I registered for the Hennepin 100 ultra which takes place in Illinois from October 2 - 3. Race website here:

Since registering, I had to move to Seattle for my partner’s work! I’m trying to find someone to transfer the registration to. I’m hoping you’d be willing to refund me the registration fee ($200), although I’m open to adjusting that if it’s a deal breaker.


I too have a bib to transfer due to my wife and I expecting our first born near this date. However, I will only sell and transfer it to someone after @wittja01 sells their bib. They were the first to post and I will be next up on the waitlist to sell. Reach out to

Thank you

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Assuming those two other registrations have been sold, I’m now offering my spot in the 100 mile distance of this year’s Hennepin Hundred. Contact me at