Thermoregulation: Pulling Out All the Stops in Hot Training or Racing

Heat and humidity are rough.

What are things you’ve ever done to stay cool or manage thermoregulation while racing or training?

(or seen others do that you wish you’d thought of)

From the basics like apparel choices, where you’ve stuffed ice :flushed:, running in shade where possible etc etc.

All ideas welcome.

Lower the intensity, wait for the evening in a race and power on then. This is not always possible and when racing in Australia, it’s just a case of getting used to it. Don’t wear black and move as little as possible before hand.


Way late to the party here, but…

Water is your friend, and easy enough to capitalize on in training. Presoak your tshirt before heading out. wet and freeze a hat overnight or fill it with ice. freeze drink bottles for your bike, put ice cubes in your hydration bladder, you get the idea.

As per actually racing, light loose-ish fitting clothing covering as much of your body as you can handle. I typically wear long sleeves, shorts and a hat w/ neck covering if I’m out on the trails for more than an hour or so in the summer (Texas). Sometimes you can find closeout fishing/surfing shirts that work nearly as well as the run specific stuff for a fraction of the price.

Lastly…if there’s a chance your race is going to be hot it’s worth doing at least some of your runs in similar heat. It can drastically effect your pacing and it’s wise to know how much. In the cooler months (<75 or so F ) my easy/recovery pace is in the 8s. In 100+ heat with humidity I’m well into 10+ territory. If I tried to race without knowing this I’d be in for a realllyyy bad day.

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Awesome answer. I had hoped that this thread would light up a bit more! I made a list of 20+ ideas but wanted to hear what other folks are doing first. The pre-soaking shirt thing is a great one that didn’t make my list.