The Finishers Book - Barkley Marathon

This looks like an awesome book chronicling The Barkley finishers.

One hell of a race if you can cover profiles on all finishers in 320 pages, including photographs.


Cool book! I somewhat kinda sorta know John Fegyveresi…did some running with him year’s back when he used to work at Penn State.

Speaking of the Barkleys

The conch sounded!

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Holy smokes it must have been brutal this year…Jamil/Courtney/Maggie/Liz all out on LOOP 2…sounds like Jared Campbell (only 3x finisher) and Luke Nelson have a chance at a fun run (three loops) but otherwise it’s lights out!

Also, in case anyone on here wants to follow in the future, Keith Dunn (Twitter: @keithdunn) is the go-to source for all live updates. There are some webpages/blogs that provide good coverage, but even those get much of their info from Keith’s twitter account. #bm100

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Wow, I know it is crappy weather but didn’t expect it to go down like this.


Really well done short documentary capturing the sights sounds and feels of the Barkley’s


Saw this on YT but havnt watched it yet…did you happen to catch all the controversy about the one guy who got onto the course and filmed? I was almost wondering if this would end up following the same storyline…

I didn’t hear about the situation you mentioned. Interest to dig more into that. I understand the Barkley is very strict on no GPS course tracking

Well I have to say…I cant find any of the videos I watched about the BM2021…there was the initial one that was taken down, then the same youtuber did a couple follow ups, but I cant find those either…and then another guy did a reaction to the reaction and one of his videos is still up…but it looks like it was all just straight up purged!

Funny how the YT algorithm works…. After watching the video you tagged above, today the below video hit my feed

Thanks for posting this, I hadn’t seen it before!