The Birthday Run

How would runners celebrate their own birthdays? Running of course.
The rule is simple:

  • You run your age in km’s on your birthday (or in miles, if you are really tuff).

I.e. I was 45 this year, that is 45 km run on any trail, road, even treadmills
Next year I will run 46km on my bday, then 47, etc…

Anyone else celebrate this way?

If you do, feel free to share any interesting stories of your birthday runs.


I don’t follow a strict distance per-year structure, but I do try to do something big or vacation-y around my birthday every few years. I ran a 40 miler on a whim for one a few years ago, and this year I’m setting off to do a camping/running trip over a long weekend. I was really close to signup up for a 50k on my bday (32) this year, but the logistics just weren’t quite right. I should still be able to get at least that much over a few days though, so I’m counting it

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The idea to run my age in miles on my birthday has crossed my mind every birthday for the last 4-5 years, but this year was the first year I acted on it. In the past the timing just wasn’t good with other running plans I had. This year it lined up pretty well for a final long run before a taper for my first race of the year.

I wrote a blog post all about the how and why of it:.


Very cool blog post…really cool that you tied this birthday run in with St. Jude’s.

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This is great idea! I’m #hooked – I turn 36 in November, got a few months to train, but probably gona need this community to hold me accountable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and gona try to do miles :pleading_face:

36 miles for 36 years!



no need to say that some of the ultrasignup members does the same thing in hours… i.e. running 51 hours on bday 51… or runnig 55 hours on bday 55… or whatever her age is.

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