Suffolk Backyard Ultra - Wow

Anyone see this? Backyard Ultra in Suffolk, England.

John Stocker and Matt Blackburn battled it out both beat the previous world record of 312.5 miles in 75 hours…they went over 337 miles in 81 hours…absolutely wild.

How long do you think you could hang on?


Cool share! :clap: Hard to say how long I’d hang. When I ran Eastern States 100 finishing in 34hrs, remembering back I might have been able to go on for another few hours albeit at a super slowed pace. These athletes that go 200+ Miles :exploding_head:

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no chance I’d make it 300 miles…!

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I’ve done one backyard race. I went 16 laps and then all of a sudden in the 17th lap I just bonked hard and was rendered to a walk. Had it been a 100 mile race, I would have probably had a rough hour or two then recovered and run again. But this format doesn’t allow you to have even one bad hour. I have insane respect and awe for this new record!

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