Stage Races Anyone?

I’m curious if anyone on here has ever run a stage race? If you’re unfamiliar, these are generally 250km+ events that take place over the course of several days (usually 7). Each day you run 30-100km, camp and do it again the next day. Some of the most popular ones I know of are

Racing the Planet (4 Deserts):
Mauna 2 Mauna and Grand 2 Grand (both by same company):

There’s even a couple smaller ones here in my neck of the woods:

Grand Viduta Stage Race in Alabama: Grand Viduta Stage Race - April 23 - 25, 2021
Chattanooga Stage Race: Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race - June 18 - 20, 2021

I’ve been interested in these types of races for a while now but it’s surprisingly difficult to find participants.

Anyone have any experience or thoughts?

*hopefully the moderators wont be mad that I linked to a couple non-Ultrasignup websites! :wink:

I like them in theory, but don’t think I’ll be doing one anytime soon. Trans-Pecos through southern TX caught my eye since it is in an area I want to visit soon, but the price is outrageous (to me) at nearly $3k for 165 miles, and $1500 for 82 miles. I fully understand that it costs a ton of money for an RD to put on a stage race with insurance, moving camp, food/water/etc on course, but they really price themselves out of the “average runner” market. I am lucky enough to be in a position where I could swing that kind of cost, but still have a very difficult time justifying a race like that over a running vacation or weekend of fastpacking I can set up myself for a fraction of the cost.

I will admit that I hadn’t seen anything in the price range of the two smaller ones you linked though, and those seem much more in line with what I’d consider accessible for most. For a local person that could make for a very fun weekend

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I have not done any but they are intriguing. And although some are very expensive (i.e Racing the Planet races), others are not. Three Days of Syllamo seems reasonably priced. There is a website pertaining to these types of races: There may be some good info for you there.

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@Codfather10 and @Joseph3619 yah the price is pretty nuts…I would love to spend a few days in some of the locations featured, though. Maybe just need to take a trip!

I have never done a stage race, but definitely interested in doing one. I really enjoy the community interaction that generally happens before and after a race, so I feel like a staged race is a great way to extend that - divide up the miles across a few days, and add a couple extra parties! I live in central Pennsylvania. I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a staged race in my neck of the woods. We definitely have some great, long trails that I think would be great for a staged race. The Eastern States 100 course, for example, could make a great staged race.

I did a fun single-day triathlon set up as a stage race in Michigan.

Started with a swim (nothing special there). From the swim headed into the bike (again, nothing odd there).

Once you got off the bike you were back into the swim. What made the race interesting was that there were no more transitions for quite some time. So, you had to swim with your shoes. So, I wear a size 16 shoe so I stuffed them down my tri-top and set off for the swim. The swim was across a lake. At this point, the race had spread out a bit so there were long sections where you were out in the middle to the lake all alone just swimming.

Out of the swim and you had to run to the next lake. Once you got to that lake, shoes off, back down the shirt and you were off swimming across another lake.

This cycle repeated 4 times.The last lake each racer was swimming across an open lake, from start to finish, all alone.

After the last run you got back on the bike and road into the finish for a cycling style finish.

The soaking wet shoes led to some pretty gnarly blisters on the feet. But, I have to admit that this was one of the best events I ever participated in. It was such a blast to try something totally different than the normal swim, bike, run.


That sounds incredible! A lot like Otillo in Sweden if you know that one (it’s another bucket list race of mine)

Otillo looks awesome. May have to make it on my list as well.

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Swim-run events, similar to Otillo, are happening in the states now. There is one in NC and I think one in Maine.

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The Trans Rockies Stage race is on my bucket list


I was signed up for last year, and of course it got deferred to 2021. As of today it’s likely a go for early August, but definitive confirmation is due to be announced May 14. I am really psyched (and a bit horrified…) about this one!

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oooh awesome! which one are you signed up for??

The six day one! Because of course, if I am going to get in way over my head, it’s gonna be all the way… :rofl:

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:100: on that! I’m the same way, haha - how I got myself into the Eastern States 100. A stage race is definitely on my bucket list, I’m just not sure which one. Trans Rockies would be epic!

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I’ve done the TransRockies stage race (6 days, 120 miles, 20k vert), which was fun and exciting, but I don’t think it’s in the same league as the 4 Deserts races. Those races seem to be more about adventure and survival where TransRockies and “problably” most other smaller stage races are more of a social event with shorter distance courses (<25mi.) strung together for a few days. I will say though, I did feel like I got my money’ worth at TransRockies. They were all about making YOU happy and basically catering to your every need practically. One thing I really like about stage racing is camping out every night. It definitely adds a whole new element to your average trail runs. I plan on doing more stage races in the future.
Happy running…


Always had an eye on the Dragons Back in Wales, UK. Looks an unbelievable event, huge amount of technical trails, including some significant climbing and the distances are between 49-70km per day for 6 days. Total climbing is 17400m/57000ft give or take.

For an event of its type it’s not prohibitively expensive and the support and organisation of the race seems extremely good.


Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I’ll look it up! Wales is an amazing location for a stage event.
This sounds similar to the Transalpine-Run 260,5 km and 15030m of ascent spread across 8 days starting in Austria and finishing in Italy. I haven’t participated yet, but it’s definitely on my wish list.

I also like the look of the Salomon 4-Trails event. Four days averaging 25km and 1650m ascent/descent in the Austrian Alps. Looks like a do-able first stage event and a lot of the participants do this race in preparation for the Transalpine.

Take care all


TR has been on my radar for a while, sounds incredible!

I hadnt heard of this one! Great call.

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I’ve done a couple and I love them. Having done hundreds in other countries, I find I don’t really get to enjoy the full experience because of the sleep deprivation and worrying about cutoffs. With staged runs, each night is in a new place and there is time to explore and enjoy. And if course dinner and bed every night. I’m looking to do one in Spain and one in Greece next year.