Sportsmanship and Honesty

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How is lying to make yourself younger, any kind of advantage? I’m confused!

She is putting herself in a different age group and is lying about her age every race - by a decade - and that’s Unsportsmanship. Granted, it’s not for a time advantage, but you really think that’s okay?!

So if you lie about your age being younger it should be okay to lie about it being older too?

I have no idea why you’re getting bent out of shape at me? I’m just asking a bloody question mate! I can’t see the advantage or the point but if in your world, that somehow translates as me condoning it, then have at it!


I’m a 58 year old grandmother, mate.
And I was not getting bent out of shape by your question; you seemed to posit that since she gains no apparent advantage by lying, it’s fine.
would you mind spelling out what FMD means for the older set?

Hey runpukerun,

Unfortunately this happens way more than we actually realise. Most of the time it is with younger athletes so that they can compete in certain competitions e.g. the olympics, but there are a few older athletes whose age is often discussed too e.g. Eliud Kipchoge. For professional athletes maturing age can often mean the difference between getting sponsers or not. As for the case with this lady, does her lying about her age make a difference to your race? Is she taking something away from others. I think if her behaviour has no negative effect on another person’s race, then the only person she might be damaging is herself as she might get a higher position racing in her proper age group.
I’m also surprised that this thread hasn’t been taken down!! Isn’t this supposed to be a nice and friendly forum to discuss all things Ultra and not a forum where people come to post negative stuff about fellow athletes.

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Thanks for flagging the post. I have reviewed it, removed any identifying names and locked the post. I have also hidden the post.

Flagging content is a major element of our community curation, so thank you.

Thanks David for dealing with this swiftly :+1:

Also, just for context, I think discussions of sportsmanship and cheating are appropriate topics. I do not believe they remain appropriate where there are unverified allegations against individuals. If there is a verifiable and documented case of cheating, I think there should be more latitude given to the discussion. I didn’t feel like this particular post reached that level of veracity.

The larger concern with OP’s post is the accusation of criminal behavior. Falsifying a passport is a huge no-no in the US. If the OP genuinely believes such a crime took place then they should be reporting it to the State department rather than posting about it on a public forum.

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BlackStumpGumby: I have reported it to the State Department and I’ve used Ultra’s own race results as evidence. I posted to see how this community felt about entering a race under false pretenses.
Anna_s; my intent wasn’t to call her and her running partner out but, rather, make the Race Directors aware of this. I am saddened to hear that you thought my post wasn’t “nice” but the whole concept of lying about one’s age (up or down) literally runs counter to Good Sportsmanship, IMO. It taints the race - especially if other racers know that the directors don’t want to enforce their own rules.