Smoky Mountain Tennessee 6'ers

In honor of my 50th trip around the sun, I’m putting up a new route in the GSMNP this summer. Going to attempt to touch every 6,000+ peak on the Tennessee side in one push. There are 13 of them by my count. Should make for a long but glorious day. Anyone tried such a thing?


Sounds awesomely painful.


No, but I’d be interested! This is a great idea

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I am with you on this one David. Sounds painful!

Sounds amazing! Barkley eat your heart out!

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I’m interested, @Les. Then again, you already know that. I guess my next step is to move from interested (me) to committed (you). Working on that!

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Like breakfast - the chicken is interested, the pig is committed. Be the pig Jay. Be the pig.

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Have you calculated the total distance and total elevation gain/loss?

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36.51 miles
8,342 accumulated vert

Big caveat - 8 of the peaks are off-trail. This will add a little to the total distance, more to the total vert, and probably quite a bit to the total time.


Just shy of 37 miles with ~17k ft of change in 24hrs?? That sounds incredible!

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Did this happen?

Not yet. It will.

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