Sha'Carri Richardson, THC, and banned substances

Ok folks, I gotta ask – what do ppl think about this?

THC is a banned substance.
THC is legal in Oregon (where SR was).
THC is gaining much wider acceptance every day.
THC is still a banned substance, though.

Should she get to compete? Or should the rules be 100%, non-negotiable?

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I think even though it may be legal where she was, she is still responsible for the requirements of the organization she was competing in. She actually acknowledged she new it was against the rules and was aware of the consequences. I’m not saying I agree with the rules. But, we are all required to follow them throughout society, or we face the repercussions.


Yeah I tend to feel the same way.

It’s a shame but there are two sets of rules. Those that “in sport” athletes have to operate within and those that the rest of us “have to” follow.

For us that aren’t “in sport” these rules can seem unfair and unnecessary (many say that marijuana isn’t performance enhancing). But, the in sport athletes agree to be bound by the rules. Even if they are dumb. Even if they are archaic. Even if they are unnecessary.

It is just sad because we won’t be able to see her full potential realizes at the olympics.


Yah this is a tough one. I think I have a foot in both camps. The rule definitely seems silly to me…but it’s still a rule…

Really tough either way…will be interesting to see how (if?) things change after this.