Running by power

I mentioned this in my intro but figure it could use its own topic.

I’ve been running using a Stryd power meter for the last year or so. I train nearly exclusively on trails for trail races. I accepted that when using power on trails my output would never be as steady as it is for the road runners but it has still been very useful as way to train.

Are there any other runners on here who use a power meter? It’d be nice to pick each other’s brains on how to best apply the tool.

Hi there - I’ve been using Stryd since it’s inception. I’ve basically ditched HR based training.

I have and use one, but found that at the least, the RSS #s can be completely ignored when doing anything really hilly.

Whenever I do big hill workouts that arent sprints/tempos the RSS #s simply don’t reflect the felt fatigue. Other than that its been great, and especially for my road running.

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