Remove a Result from my Results Page

Hi Everyone, Im new here and have only done 1 race but my results say I have done 2 races. Im 49 but the other person with my same name is 29 and under my results…How do I remove that result?

Hey there. If you go to the Contact Us page on UltraSignup and select contact the race registration company option - you can describe the issue and the team will take case of the incorrect results.

Its not an incorrect result.
When I set up my ultrasignup account and went to My Results I accidently moved that other persons race to my results page. Can you tell me how to remove it from MY Results and not have it linked to me?
I have only done 1 race which was the Ray Miller, so I just need it removed from my UltraSignUp Results page.

Just reach out through the contact page and they will assist