Recommended Training for Inexperienced Runner

I’m not an ultra runner and only have middle distance experience (5k - 5 miles). This event caught my eye because of the way each challenge “steps up”. For a runner who has never ran more than 5 miles, is it possible for me to finish the 30k ultimate challenge in December? Theoretically, if I start training now, I think it’s do-able. Does anyone have any experience training from middle distance up to ultras? Any recommended training regiments? All advice welcome.

I would recommend the Running Experience - Nate Helming is a great guy and can help get you on the path you want.

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Thanks for the resource David!

I think it’s totally possible!! Also you don’t necessarily have to run the whole thing :slight_smile: power walking totally counts!! I say go for it!!

Reply back here to let us know how it goes!!

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