Racing is Coming Back

Just had to share this…because we live in the backend of race registrations we have pretty good vision into how things are trending.

Yesterday, compared to this time last year, race registrations were up over 800%. Now, yesterday a year ago was a very dark day for registrations, but it really feels like we are running towards something rather than away in these figures.

Registrations over the past few weeks have been trending steadily upwards. Some parts of the country are still suffering through permitting challenges, race caps, and cancellations. So, we are not fully out of the woods yet, but we have moved out of the period of stagnation and back into a period of growth.

Exciting to see and we hope that we can all get back to racing very soon.


Good news indeed! Are you able to share where registrations are now vs. same time in 2019 (i.e. the last “normal” year)? I’m curious how far off of normal conditions we are…

Good question…just ran some numbers and it appears that, through yesterday, we are only down 8% from Jan 1 through March 22 - 2019/2021.

That’s pretty good. I bet that gap will close pretty quickly over the next several months.


Holy smokes! I’d call that excellent, and great news for the community!

Great share, thx @davidc ! Here in central Pennsylvania, the trail racing season is definitely getting started. There are 37 events on the calendar for April & May. For my own race, we had really strong registration numbers - really more than I honestly expected. Feels like we’re on a good trail ahead

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@Blake that’s great news about your races! What kind of event/gathering restrictions do you have to operate under in PA?

@mk717 fortunately our event starts/ends on private property, something are a little easier for us. General Covid precautions for our event will be requesting masks to be worn before/after race, temperatures for participants will be checked at registration and a covid safety waiver signed, socially distanced food options post race. General outdoor capacity at state parks is gatherings less than 40 I think.

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Ohh nice that’s great. And those seem like pretty reasonable precautions, good for you guys. I hope we can keep improving on the last few months and have more flexibility!

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