Race logistics with families?

Hey folks, my wife and I are new parents (4mo old girl) and we are working through the logistics of continuing to run ultras with the new addition!

So I was curious about how other families on this forum plan their races when kids are involved?

Do you ask a relative to help out?

Do you switch off participating so that one spouse/significant other watches the kids while the other races?

Do you camp? Hotel? Stay local? etc. etc. etc. !

Just looking for anything anyone has tried out and is willing to share, thanks in advance!

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Well, my situation was a bit different because my wife didn’t race as well. So, we traveled and raced a lot when our oldest was 3 months old. She was very generous and allowed the traveling and racing while she cared for our son. It was a great experience for us to be traveling and at races as a young family. Lot’s of great memories that we shared all over the country that were unique and different from those of our other friends with young families.

If you guys can find a way to trade-off on racing (I know that is tough) that may be the best scenario.