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We have the chance to see some really cool race director merchandise from all over the country. RDs are really creative in their branding, logo design, and overall merchandise development. My question is would racers purchase race director branded merchandise from events they had never personally participated in? Or, do you only wear/buy race-branded merchandise from races you have participated in?

So, there you go - would you purchase race-branded merchandise from an event you did not participate in?

Purchase Race Merchandise
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Great question!

I have not done so, but I might consider It. Maybe some nuance here, I feel like some really well-known events have become more of a brand, a culture, something greater than just the event itself- I think of Western States, Hard Rock 100. If the design/style really pulled at me, I would consider buying a shirt if I was able to do so outside of participating in the event. I once saw a Boston Marathon jacket at a TJ Maxx (didn’t buy it though - wasn’t my size :stuck_out_tongue:)

Maybe a sub-question here, or asking it a slightly different way - if you paid for a race but couldn’t make it for whatever reason, would you want the swag same as those who “earned” it?

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Maybe not race swag, which seems to imply one did that race. But I’d totally buy swag from an RD if it wasn’t race-specific. I don’t know if many RDs do that sort of thing. Here in AZ, Aravaipa Running (www.aravaiparunning.com) sells stuff with Aravaipa branding on it, for instance, as well as with Run Steep Get High, which is Jamil Coury’s brand. (Jamil and his family own Aravaipa Running.) They do good race swag, too, but I’d buy an Aravaipa shirt or hat from them even if I didn’t do their races. If an RD somewhere else did something similar, I’d definitely look at it.


It really depends on the merchandise. If it is not necessarily race-specific (for example, “I raced IM Maryland”) but was branded as a general fun product then I would definitely buy it.

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I’m in line with @Bill_D above…I think it’s a bit disingenuous to buy and wear gear from a race you havnt completed. HOWEVER, I would absolutely purchase and wear gear made by an RD/company that was generically branded for their business.

Particularly over the last year when RDs need our support. I have several items from Destination Trail (Candice Burt) and Aravaipa (Jamil Coury) and I’ve never traveled to and completed one of their races. I also have a lot of gear from my local running company that I didnt entirely need haha simply bc I wanted to support them during COVID.


I actually have encountered this exact scenario! My solution was to take a Sharpie and write “DNS” in bit letters across the back haha but maybe I’m a bit of an outlier!