Poll - How Often Do You Buy New Shoes?

I have friends that buy new shoes every 6 weeks. Religiously. They know that if they push past 6 weeks they will start developing issues.

So, are you on a new shoe cycle like this?

  • 6 Weeks
  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • Longer

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Oof! $130 every six weeks (I wear Altras mostly) would be rough.

400 miles. Hard stop


~300 miles for most pairs

The question of “how often?” offers a pretty meaningless comparison between runners.

One person may run 50km/week, wearing 2 or more pairs in rotation. Another may run 200km/week, always wearing the same pair and running them into the ground.

I used to get about 1200km out a pair of Brooks Addictions. I’ve had few different models of Hoka over the years, and while very comfortable, I don’t find them anywhere as durable as the Brooks.

Tastybite, I hope you’re not running too much over 100 miles/week?

Or you have a very lucrative job? Or you have a shoe sponsor? Or work for a running shoe company?


No, I only run ~30 miles/week, and rotate shoes, so each pair lasts me 6+months.

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I have 5 pairs in rotation, and replace one pair a year… the Hokas seem to last much longer than other shoes, it used to be 6 months replacement cycle.

When the mood strikes.

A lot can depend where you live. In the UK for example, you could need three different types of trail shoes and two general road running shoes for exactly the same course/terrain depending on the time year.

What you ran 6mths previous can be unrecognisable in winter/summer and that makes it especially tricky in ‘transition months’ as mother nature can throw anything out at you.

As a consequence, some shoes can last a really long time because they are reserved for different weather conditions and that depends on whether we’ve had a good/crap summer/winter.

I’ve got a pair of Next% that are reserved for ‘A’ road races and in 18mths, they’ve been raced twice, so they should last about 20yrs. :grin:

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My Hoka collection needs a 3 month refresh on average: the timing of the break-in period is key. I find I have to ease in the new pair into rotation depending on whether it’s a mudder, a rock hound, or a hardpack shoe so that means it can be a new pair a month or truly every 3 months. And race timing is another factor - don’t want to be breaking a set in then.

Depending on the conditions that I am using my shoes for, i.e. road trail, I usually base it off of how many miles I’ve gone. For road shoes are usually squeak out 400 miles. For trail I’ve noticed it’s right around 300 to 350. Needless to say I try to squeak out as many miles as I possibly can which roughly is at six months.

I don’t track miles on my shoes (though lately haven’t been putting many miles on them anyways :joy:) - once my shoes start showing significant wear I change them out, usually 8-12months

Actually, It depends on the condition and feet size; i.e. Standard feet or wide feet shoes. Would be best if you change your shoes in every 3 months or 300 miles running.

Omg, 6-700 miles here… :frowning: