Pacer Matching?

Is there a resource right now that exists where racers can be paired up with a pacer? Or, are racers just finding pacers through friends and friends of friends?

There are definitely people out there dedicating to help pace.

I found most of them on local running groups on social media sites. Me and a few of my running friends actually have our own crew we made where we help crew and pace others!


That’s an interesting idea! Similar to @Swedish_Stallion, most of the pacers I know of have simply been connected through mutual friends. It’s a big commitment! Gotta have someone you can trust! However, pacing is a great way for individuals to experience some of the more limited-entry races (WS, HR, Lville etc.) so a forum of individuals who are willing to pace might be useful. I imagine there would need to be some sort of verification process, though…

I would love to see a for pacers. You can link up with a pacer months out from an event, get to know them, and train with them if local.

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Certainly seems like there can be an enhanced way of matching racers with pacers.

I know that there are some people out there that love to pace and would travel to pace at iconic or unique races.

Could be cool to figure out a format for pacer matching.


I would absolutely travel for big races!

definitely a very cool idea! I would totally travel to pace at an iconic or unique race.

I certainly think there is a market for a place to connect with potential pacers or crews as well. I know for myself that the opportunity to crew and pace someone at an event I would be interested in running myself would be great! You get to experience the event, help someone else crush their goal, and then you can decide if the event is something that still interests you. It is a win/win all around. I do think the key is getting to know the people first though! A honeymoon period for the person looking for the support so they can make sure they are comfortable with their pacers or crew.

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Always up for pacing. I would love to figure out how to offer my services as I love helping others finish more than finishing myself. Lined up to pace at Bighorn (old hometown race) and Grindstone. Willing to fill in anywhere else in Virginia & North Carolina though.

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I might be looking for a pacer at Brazos Bend 100. But I can’t afford to cover travel. That’s the downside. Hoping to maybe connect with a local.

I would love to pace during fall/winter events. Right now my family summers are loving my daughter’s travel softball weekends #softballdad :softball:

@smashley_runs might have some pacer connections in the TROT network?