North Face ECS?

Is the North Face endurance challenge series still a thing? The latest race I see on their site is 2018. Was hoping to do one of them again in the future, so I’d be pretty bummed if they folded and I missed it.

I raced a San Francisco 50-miler a number of times, and really enjoyed it! My understanding, however, is that shifting priorities at TNF have caused them to retire the series. Too bad! It will be missed.

They’re done. We did the Park City, Utah and San Francisco races. They were great! Challenging courses, great organization. We had heavy snow in Utah a couple of times and my girlfriend got charged by a moose on the course while racing but still good times.
We had friends that worked on the races and they said that there are no plans to start the them up again.

Thanks for the replies guys, I suspected this was the case but was holding out some hope.

I ran the Bear Mtn event a few times, which was also a great setup and in one of my favorite places to run. Definitely a shame they closed up.

They sent an email out a few years ago that said something along the lines that they were pausing the series, but hoped to return in some form in the future. I was hopeful too that it was only a temporary pause, but it seems to be more long term if not permanent at this point.

The Bear Mountain event was my first 50 miler, so I’m a bit nostalgic about it. I would have loved to run some of the other locations they offered.