Night light

Hi there. Im looking for the best night light for the 100K run in May. Let me know what kind of light you guys use?

Thank you!



Hi Mari, I like the Black Diamond Sprint 225: Sprint 225 Headlamp | Black Diamond


didn’t we have a similar topic earlier?

I use a very simple Petzl. Actually I use two.
I attached 2 Petzl Tikka on the same strap, and if the battery dies, I can easily switch on the other one in 10 seconds, and have another few hours with good light source.
It is also light weight, so 2 headlamps on the same strap does not bother you at all.
Also, it is cheap, if you break it, it is easy to replace.

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Thank you! I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

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Great idea using two lights! Thank you!

I really like my ultraspire lumen 600. the only downside is I can’t see when scrambling up steep rocks.

Dominic thank you!