New Ultra Event - Deadlift and Mile Run

Saw this on ST

Pretty will. Single 500 pound deadlift and one mile run all under 5 minutes.

Who wants to try it?


Oof! Even when I was young and fast I couldnt swing that kind of pace, let alone that kind of weight!

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And the guy weighs over 200 pounds…that’s a lot of weight to move under 5 minutes


Back in high school/early college I was a 5:10-5:20 miler on just soccer fitness. Probably could’ve done sub 5 with a little training, but no chance on the deadlift. Some of my much stronger friends struggled getting to that weight. I know neither standard is particularly great on its own, but it’s always impressive to me to see guys(or girls!) that are fast AND strong, much harder to do this than specialize in my opinion.

Holy Batman! That’s nuts. I only broke 5 once, probably a decade ago now. That is a solid, strong human right there :eyes::weight_lifting_man:

Ryan Hall tried this and failed on his first try. I think he is working on another attempt.