New Trail Shoes - How do you break them in?

Hey guys,

The hubs and I are new to trail running. He just got his first pair of trail shoes and needs to break them in. Any tips on the best ways to break in new trail shoes? Any differences from how you might break in road shoes?


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Walk around them for a few days (around the house, in the neighborhood, etc.).

Then, I recommend going for a few leisurely hikes in them. This helps them soften up a bit more because it is moving onto some uneven surfaces.

Next, build miles in them. Start with a moderate run on the trail and build from there.


@DawsonLady second what @davidc said! Walking around in them is key, and as an additional detail, make sure you’re wearing the kind of socks you’ll be wearing on the trails. For example, my wife wears a pear of Injinji socks and a pair of Balegas when she runs trails, so that’s what she uses to break the shoes in too.

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i have been wearing hoka torrents for the last several years, and they work great right out of the box.

I run short distance like 5 miles, 3 miles, even less with literally zero elevation. This is like a trail run for children, but it’s good to break in new shoes.

I do it 4-5-6 times, then I consider my shoes ready for racing :slight_smile:

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