New 24-Hour World Record - Average Pace of 7:29/Mile

That’s right. Covering a distance of 309.4 KM (192.252 miles) in 24 hours in 7:29/m pace is hard to imagine. That’s just amazing.

Aleksandr Sorokin of Lithuania has obliterated the world 24hr running record in Poland.

Check it out - Unbreakable 24hr record broken | Fast Running


3:20 marathon pace for 24hrs!!

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Thanks for posting this David, a truly astounding effort that’s going to be hard to top.

In the article Robbie Britton writes that this record is" potentially the best performance in the history of Ultra running". Only history will tell how long this record takes to be broken. As Satanellus pointed out recently, as yet no other female is even close to beating Tomoe Abe’s 2000 100km record. Also, not wanting to lessen his achievement, I’m going to say the Courtney Dauwalter’s performance at the weekend was pretty damn impressive not only with a new CR, but also (I think) being the highest placed female in the history of the race. Anyway, who am I to judge whether his record is the best Ultra performance in history? What he did is out of this world and to date, it is definitely the greatest Ultra Performance in the history of 24hr running.

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I can’t even wrap my head around it, what an amazing effort.

I did an event called ‘Endure 24’ in July on a 8km trail course with a couple of hills. I did it solo, got sick for 5hrs so rested and restarted but only managed 70miles, which was 14 laps and I was ready to shoot myself.

Nearly 3 times that on a track? Good grief, here’s a guy that really needs Netflix. :laughing:


@Anna_s I think you’re correct that CD’s place was the highest for a female ever. But also, to add even more weight to her performance, the course was a few kms longer than the one on which the previous CR had been achieved by Rory Bosio in 2013! So CD finished faster and ran farther!

And the women’s field was pretty stacked this time! Back in 2017 when CD won, some ppl were saying that she didnt have that much competition…not true this time around!

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IIRC, they said that the extra distance was about 50mins worth.

(so that’s about 3hrs for me :grinning:)


ha, incredible

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Hey Mike thanks for your reply! Yes FatPom is right, in the race commentry they remarked that the present course is 40 -50 mins slower than the previous UTMB route. Which makes Courtney’s performance even more remarkable.

The startlist of the UTMB was great this year, a real whose who of todays ultra scene. However I will add that due to Courtney’s dnf (stomach issues) at Hardrock she probably had the freshest legs at the startline. In a post race interview she mentioned she sorted out her nutritional issues by taking in no solids after 50km.

Interestingly those who raced the Lavaredo Ultra Trail 120km 5800m+: Hannes Namberger (1st), Camille Bruyas (1st), Mimmi Kotka (3rd), in the Dolomites seemed to have a good race and both the winners of the WSER DNFed. Both these races take place the same weekend in June.