My 5 mile run did not show up as a task completed

Hi everyone! :slight_smile: What am I doing wrong? My garmin account is linked and it was verified. Is it bc I’m supposed to complete the 5k first? Anyone know?

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@PWR-Lab any thoughts?


Hey @Kirsten! You’re doing everything right, it’s just that the 5 mile challenge isn’t “unlocked” yet. The 5k is open this week, and the 5 mile becomes available next Thursday. One each Thursday until they’re all available! (They all stay open until the end of the challenge in December)

That 5 miler shouldn’t be “excluded” from your results though - go ahead and click the green check mark, and it’ll be re-included automatically

Even though you didn’t get credit for the 5 mile challenge with this particular run, your 5 miles will still appear on the Mileage Tracker tab. Just be sure to refresh the Leaderboard once you’ve re-included your 5 miler!

Thank you @PWR-Lab for that info. I’ll make sure to complete that 5k this week. Understand more how it works. Thanks! :sweat_smile:

*** I clicked on the green check and still nothing - still not included in the total. :woman_shrugging:


Go ahead and refresh the Leaderboard, I see it up there!

Keep running & syncing and these should continue to auto populate for you. Good luck on that 5k!


Thank you! :sparkling_heart:


Not that I was ready to run longer distances yet but good to know about the progression from 5k on up! Still have yet to complete my first run. :upside_down_face:

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I’m having similar issues. Some of my workouts weren’t connecting (including my 5 miler this morning) so I disconnected/ reconnected my Garmin Connect account in PWR Lab website. This fixed it so that my 5 miler is now showing up on the leaderboard, but I’m missing some of my runs from last week (including a 20miler from Friday 10/8). Since these count for donations I’m hoping they get added in also. Any tips to resolve this?

I’m having the same issues with PWR Lab!

Hi! Same issue here I have only one run showing as completed even though I did several ones. If anyone knows how to fix it, I’d be glad to hear it!


Hi @SarahFergot @cfbrown @cyrilgarcia83

Just posted some info here – might help explain a few things! If not, please shoot an email to

If you can include 1-2 specific examples of missing runs in your email that’d be great, and will help us to start troubleshooting right away.

  • What device are you using
  • Date of missing workout(s)
  • Distance of missing workout(s) – a screenshot from your phone is even better


@PWR-Lab - I’m all set. I had a few missing when I very first signed up but relinked by account to Garmin Connect and have not had any issues that I’m aware of since. Thanks for following up!