Midweek Training Plan

What is your midweek training plan and why? I am new to ultra running. I am creating a six month training plan for a long July trail race. I am referencing two different training plans to build my own. They both have T, W, and Th running days, which works for me. One features slightly longer T and Th running days with a shorter W. The other features shorter T and Th with a longer W. The weekends are for the long back to back trail days. Most of my weekday runs will be road runs. Any opinions or advice about the midweek strategy? Thank you!

I would be curious about a few things:

Is there a reason to merge two plans together?

Next, what is the total weekly mileage for the two plans? The one with long days on T and TH would seem, at first blush, to have more mileage than a plan with a single mid-week long run on W.

That would be where my focus is…on the total weekly mileage load. I would prefer to break that load up between a longer T and TH run.

Also, since you have several months before your race you certainly could experiment with switching between these two combinations. See which one feels better for you


Thank you! I was trying to mix and match as a way to better tailor my final plan to fit my family life (I have two kids under 6 at home, so am trying to best optimize the running time I have).

I will reanalyze my plan based on total mileage. Thanks!