May 2021 Book Club "I Hate Running and You Can Too" by Brendan Leonard

This month’s pick is by @davidc, post your thoughts here when you’re done with reading it.

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found the audiobook! #nailedit

OMG - this looks hilarious and awesome

This chart is soo me LOL

Bummer I couldn’t find it on Audible. @mk717 where did you find the audiobook?


Ugh no I was not only wrong but I was wrong and it cost me $9.99! Apple has the digital version, which is what I mistook for the audiobook, but not the actual audiobook. Looks like I’ll be reading this one on my phone!

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Thought everyone may enjoy listening to this podcast from Trail Runner Nation and their interview of Brendan Leonard.


Hey everyone…I have been in touch with Brendan Leonard about joining us in the forum to talk about his book. Is this something the group would be interested in? If so I can coordinate a time for him to join us to 30 minutes or an hour on a certain day to chat. Thoughts?


Ok, here is the month end, so here is my review.

In short: @Blake already summarized :slight_smile: ” OMG - this looks hilarious and awesome” and really… this is what I could write as well.

I loved the charts and the general funny tone.
My favorite chart was the grizzly bear vs Usain Bolt.

Although the book was written in a funny tone, it has some real hardcore thoughts in it.
Most of my fears are mentioned in the book.

Do runners hate running sometimes?
Is it OK to walk on a race?
Do you need to be the best in the world?

These doubts are there in every runners’ minds.

The book has answers to all these questions and a lot more.

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I totally agree…he took a lot of the stuffiness of running books and threw it out the window. Didn’t waste pages recounting a particular race experience, rather he just tackled all of the things that runners are mentally consumed with.

If anyone is thinking of getting into running this will be the book I will give them.

Running, especially in the space of ultra runners, can seem so daunting and unattainable. Leonard pulls back the curtain and let’s the reader know that everyone struggles through these same issues.

If you haven’t had a chance to read “60 Meters to Anywhere” check it out…really gives you deep perspective on him as a person.


Yah it’s really wild bc with all of these impressive/accomplished people, you see the same general ideas: Discipline, discomfort, baby-steps, patience, etc. And oh my lord, there have been days when I have thought up every conceivable excuse NOT to go for a run. And then when I finally get out there, I’m immediately thinking of ways to shorten it!

It’s nice to know that these hurdles are typical of nearly every runner and not just me and my amateur brethren!

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Thanks @davidc
Added to my reading list.