M7 Trail Series - Tech Help!

Getting everyone on the same page with the integrations between UltraSignup, PWR Lab, and your GPS devices

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Where are you getting stuck or confused?

PWR Lab just doesn’t work–a few of my runs synced at the beginning of the challenge and one random run synced about two weeks ago, but none of the runs before that mid-month random run or any runs after it have synced. I have tried linking/unlinking the data source, deleting and re-installing the app, signing in and out. Nothing works. The app frequently crashes, too. I have tried emailing PWR Lab support but this hasn’t resolved anything.

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I’m also having a lot of issues. I finally gave up trying to get things to work with the app, and I am just going to manually submit my challenges.

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My runs stopped syncing October 30th. Just noticed it. Nothing changed on my end. Guess I’ll do same as others, add manually and I can send the .fit file if anyone wants to verify mile/pace. :weary:

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@runjimorun interesting…I think that is similar timing to when mine stopped syncing.

Hey Crystal. I stopped sharing data and then resynced mine and it started working again. Worth a shot. PS I kept trying to remember how I knew your name and then noticed the icon. My son shot archery and we traveled to all the USAT events. He went to the YWAC in 2015 with Team USA and won gold as a cadet. Small world!! :v:

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Thanks for the suggestion, I will give that a shot (though I’ve manually entered everything since then).

And wow! Small world! Based on the last name I’m guessing you must be Daniel’s father…he definitely was a talented archer from an early age. Hope he returns to the sport one day.