"Luxury" Ultra Race in Scotland - $21,000 Entry Fee

Let’s discuss - 'Luxury' race will be among most expensive on earth - BBC News

I’m sure the event is heavy on luxury (great food, top-of-the-line gear, awesome coaching, etc.) but this is a major step in a sport that has been local and gritty from the beginning.




I’ve looked into the 4Deserts races and knew the Antarctica one was $12k, but this is pretty crazy!

At least with the World Marathon tour you touch foot on 7 difference continents…

Then there’s also Jesse Itzler’s 29,029 races that can cost $11k…

I wonder where the 40 competitors will come from??

I saw that posted earlier This week :exploding_head: I think the highest registration fee I’ve paid was ~$225. Certainly that is a chunk of change but not $21k insane!!

I understand high entry fees for events that are logistically hyper challenging- like the Desert or Antarctica events. But Scotland :laughing:

If I had that level of disposable income, I really don’t think that I’d go for an event like that - especially as a solo event it fees ridiculously excessive. I think I remember reading that the swag included some new “top o the line” Garmin watch.

I’m sure it’ll be a cool experience for the participants. I just hope they don’t get “fyre festival’d”

Here’s hoping that includes a four seasons jet to shuttle us around

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