Let’s Talk WSER

Alright, it’s just around the corner. What are you excited to see? What’s the best untold story this year at Western? Who is your favorite to take this year’s overall title?

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The field is absolutely STACKED! So hard to pick a favorite…

I’m going purely on gut here. I think JW is gona be gunning for a challenge after the 100k near-WR. Tolleffson is due for a big finish and he’s always a player. Hazen keeps popping up on big results and I think he’s got a podium coming his way.


  1. Walmsley
  2. Tollefson
  3. Hazen

I’m putting Magda at the top bc I’m a big fan of hers…may be letting my bias influence me tho! Lickteig has already taken the #1 spot so she knows the course and what she needs to do. Finally, Beth Pascal was sooo close to a top three finish back in '19 I feel like she’s gotta make it this year!


  1. Boulet
  2. Lickteig
  3. Pascal

holy sh^t and I completely forgot Camille Herron! Ugh I have no idea…stacked field man…

HEAT will be the winner at the 2021 WSER. 100+ degrees is forecast for Auburn… I can’t imagine how hot it’ll be in the canyons. It’s a pity, too: the high will be only 81 on Tuesday before the race.

I’d love to see Tollefson do well. Real nice interview with him on the pyllars podcast. But Walmsley has already proven his dominance over heat and at this point must feel pretty comfortable with the course.


Auburn for WSER :fire::fire:

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This will be interesting. I hope they have a lot of ice.

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2021 WSER Race Program is out - here it is

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Almost forgot about this. I’ve submitted choices a few times but never had much success. Still fun though!



We will be volunteering again at Millers Defeat and then heading to the finish line to watch the action. Looking forward to seeing some good racing at the front and some solid efforts from the entire field.

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What a performance form both winners!

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Holy smokes what an awesome race! I think Hoka/Irunfar/Bowman/Malcolm did such an amazing job covering this race. Combined with the coverage of Black Canyon 100k is really bringing ultra running into a new realm.

So pumped for the Golden Hour footage too! Those last two men were fantastic!

Awesome, awesome race.

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