Kilian Moving on from Salomon

Will be fascinating to see what he ends up doing next year.

Wow…may be a language issue but referring to a company as your “life partner” and then leaving that same brand is a bit hard to understand.

Interested to see where he is headed.

Moves Courtney up the ranks as the pinnacle of Salomon’s roster.

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Great point re Courtney.

Probably a big opportunity for a new male runner

Don’t forget Francois D’haene is also a Salomon athlete!

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Very true!!!

Sounds like Kilian is splitting off to start his own eco-focused technical gear line.

This is a very expensive endeavor. I wonder if Salomon is going to be a silent partner in this effort. The love pouring back and forth between Kilian and Salomon since this announcement makes me curious. There certainly does not appear to be any hurt feelings with this split.

Even if they aren’t remaining in business with him (in a silent way) it is an admirable way to see a long-time athlete leave a long-term sponsor.

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