June 2021 Book Club - "Reborn on the Run: My Journey from Addiction to Ultramarathons" by Catra Corbett with Dan England

Thanks to @Lajuan for this month’s pick


I just put 2 and 2 together here and realized I actually had the chance to run a race with Catra Corbett a few years ago at the Pistol Ultra in Alcoa TN. My wife and I were doing the 50k and she did the 100m. We exchanged the typical friendly words each time we’d pass and she was very nice…I think she was actually feeling pretty rough from the get go but stuck it out and finished in a little over 24hrs I think…tough as nails!

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Wanted to make sure we didn’t miss the window to talk about this book.

Catra’s story is almost hard to wrap your head around. How someone can go from a relatively sedentary lifestyle to the levels of running she has achieved is amazing. I wish that she had accounted for all of her miles run since she began…it has to be an enormous number.

If you look at her UltraSignup profile she has eclipsed the 300 race mark - Catra Corbett's Results

This is amazing.

I do wonder how much damage she is doing to her body. The repeated issues she has with her kidneys makes you curious about how much longer her body can handle these distances…maybe forever, who knows?

I had a chance to meet her at Western States a few weeks back. She was so generous with her time as person after person wanted to meet her and get a photo with her. We had to say hello and let her know that her book was the subject of this month’s book club…she appeared flattered.

Anyway, I thought it was a good book with a very interesting story.

Just got this on audio book and am catching up…. What a unit. Very inspiring.

I thought this was a really good selection…stories like hers are always worth listening to – the ones about ppl hitting bottom and doing a 180. I love them.

@davidc is right though…the health issues are no joke…

isnt that the $64k question for all ultra runners, though? How far is too far?? I imagine they (we) would all say “you never know until you get there.”

One of the true double edges of our sport!

Thx for the book choice!

one of the most personal , emotional and intimate book I’ve ever read. Her stories are inspiring and her life is like a movie film.
I still do not know that this book is about ultra running or it is about addictions, and about an addict’s life, but probably it does not even matter. This is a great book, and thanks for the recommendation.

On a side note: I think Ultra running is an addiction. Running 10-20-30 hours is very far from what I would call a “free time activity”, or a “healthy hobby”. To be an ultra runner you (we) have to have a serious addiction to running. :slight_smile:

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re ultrarunning being an addition: #truth

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It’s said that if you have an addictive personality, you just trade one addiction for another. Totally makes sense to me!

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… and look what I found in the next month’s running book:
“ Whenever people hear that I’ve run 100 miles at a clip, they inevitably ask two questions. The first is “How can you do that?” The second, and much harder to answer, is the same one that pizza guy asked me: “Why?” It’s an excellent question, though addictions are never neatly defined.”

All the ultra runners around the world agree that it is an addition. Although it is one of the healthiest addition on the planet I think.

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