July 2021 Book Club - "Ultramarathon Man" by Dean Karnazes

Thought I would drop in the discussion for the July book.

I had read this book years ago, but I really enjoyed pulling it back out and reading it again. It really is amazing how Dean went from 0-100…the image of him running through the night in his underwear is a classic. I can’t imagine the looks he got out on that run.

I also loved him “soiling” his Lexus after his first Ultra race…the imagery is one that makes me laugh out loud when I think about it.

His journeys are certainly epic…I’m sure a dinner with a few bottles of beer would be some time well spent.

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I’ve also just read his new one, absolutely loved it.

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This book was great and he’s awesome. When I first started ultras, I remember seeing images of him like shirtless running through the woods and kind of being like “oh man, that’s not what this sport is about…” buuuut after finally hearing some interviews with him (Rich Roll has had him on a couple times) and reading this book, it’s clear that he’s just as humble and down to earth as can be, which I love!

thx for the rec!

I think a lot of “us” ultra runners got the idea it was possible to run long distances from reading this book. I know I did! It gave me permission to look forward and set goals that I would have previously thought impossible! Fast forward to this year’s Western States where I had the amazing opportunity for Dean to pace me from Rucky Chucky to the finish! I can say that Dean is as genuine and down to earth as anyone could ever hope he would be. They say you should never meet your hero’s, I wholeheartedly disagree! He is an inspiration and a great steward of our sport!


That’s amazing Scott! Good for u to oh and congrats!

That story made me laugh out loud too. He has a good sense of humor and incredible willpower at the same time. I loved every single page of this book.