How Were the Races? Let's Hear Your Race Reports and See Your Photos!

@Broken_Arrow we’d love to hear your race reports and see your pictures! Let’s share them here


My goodness, this crew put on a good show!! It was a thrill and a half!

The VK was a blast, and seeing Sunny Schranz scream past me was a riot!
The ~45k was the hardest thing I ever completed! This flatlander is still basking in the afterglow of pride and excitement now that I’m back home in Michigan. It was a grueling 10:33 to get it done but just a stupid good time! I only fell on my butt once!
There were plenty of happy tears in the final miles, but I had to try really hard to keep it together on that road down! That last bit is steep!
Having Eric Schranz there talking us up as we finished was oh so gratifying. Many many thanks to him for being there!

I also have to express an overflowing gratitude for all the volunteers! The aid stations and course marshals were on point and really helped keep my energy up. I would not have been able to do this without them.

The scenery, the course, the village, it was all pretty perfect. @Broken_Arrow_RD and crew made it look easy! Kudos to you guys, I can’t thank you guys enough for putting together such a stellar weekend. I look forward to coming back sometime when there’s snow!

I knew Friday was going to be a great day when this is how things started :laughing:

What a location to finish a race!

I mean, c’mon! This is just ridiculous.

Thanks again, Brendan, Sean, Eric, and all the volunteers in the village and on the mountain, and everyone else who’s name I don’t know but helped make this magical experience possible!


Thanks Kevin! This is such a nice message to receive. Thank you so much for the kind words and joining us!

That saggy arch damn near gave me a heart attack … but everything for a reason I figure!

Thanks for coming so far and we hope to see you again in 2022!

Happy trails,