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Hi all – I’m not much of a runner these days but excited to chase the first few challenges and explore new trails! Don’t think I’ll get over 15k but it’s good to have a reason to get outside more before winter sets in.

I’m a bit of a nomad, bouncing back and forth from coast to coast lately. NH to Santa Cruz back to NH to Boise and now Philly area (sadly the worst trail scene of the 4)

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Method Seven’s Santa Cruz location while living there and I am SUPER pumped to see how the new trail running glasses come out after this event… I can’t pull off the aviator/pilot look but I’m beyond ready for a new pair of active outdoor shades :sunglasses: Not sure how much my data will help but hoping it does some good


Hi all! I was connected to @kkfischer and @PWR-Lab when I completed the TogetherRelay (fragmented 70 segment/ section “relay” for the Bay Area Ridge Trail) during COVID Lockdowns. It was one of the best “events” I’ve ever done! Love these virtual challenges to keep training more interesting. I’m in Marin/ SF NorthBay area currently.


HI everyone! I’m French, living and working in NYC. Very happy to join the challenge, I think the idea is great. I have a few technical issues like other people it seems (it shows that I only completed the 5 miles for some reason even though I did a 22k a few days ago).

Does anyone know if we can manually select which run to apply to each category (5k, 10k, …)?


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Welcome @cyrilgarcia83!

Sorry for any confusion about the challenges. 2 notes which might help clarify:

  1. Try to get as close to the challenge distance as possible. You can log up to 5% over the target distance. For example, up to 2`1,000m will count toward the 20k challenge, but 22,000m will not register as a match

  2. Challenges can not be completed until they are “unlocked”. Right now 5 of the 7 challenges are unlocked: 5k - 5 mile - 10k - 15k - 20k. So you can run any of those any time between now and Dec 13th and it’ll automatically be captures. If you went out tomorrow and ran 25k, you would not get credit for that challenge, since it doesn’t exist yet! Consider the unlocking to be the start line. 25k comes out a week from yesterday, and 30k the week after. At that point they are all open

If you’re missing any specific runs then please shoot us an email to and we’ll help you track them down

For manual entries:

  1. Click “Submit Results” at the top of the Leaderboard
  2. Log in using your USU email address + bib number
  3. Click “Manage Activities” button from the Main Menu
  4. Click “+ New Activity” in the top right
  5. Enter the date and the run’s duration. Then pick one of the official distances from the dropdown:

Kind of a bummer that they unlock a week at a time. My marathon is next week and then I’ll have to back off distance for awhile. Still fun to participate in these.

Hi there!

I’m Jen. I recently completed my 2nd Ultra ever QSER 50k. I live in NorCal. When I’m not running trails I volunteer at Trail Races. I met KK Fischer in person this morning at PCTR’s Woodside Trail Run. Happy running to all of you!


Hi Nash,

Have you checked out Horse-Shoe Trail yet? It’s a good trail to run. It’s a bit of a drive from Philly but worth it. Also Wissahickon Park has some decent trails as well.

Hi, my name is Crystal, and I’m a professional archer who trail runs, hikes and bikes for fun and fitness. I live in the White Mountains (NH) and spend time each day playing in the woods. As an economist (aka data fiend), I was VERY excited for this challenge MOSTLY because I was pumped to share my data with a company looking to create something new. I’m bummed anything I labelled as hike vs run isn’t counting for data collection, however, but I assume this is just a “first” step for M7 and I can’t wait until they expand things further. I’m also competing in an elevation challenge this fall, so it’s been fun mapping out routes with the correct distance for these challenges but also have max vert!