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Hi all – I’m not much of a runner these days but excited to chase the first few challenges and explore new trails! Don’t think I’ll get over 15k but it’s good to have a reason to get outside more before winter sets in.

I’m a bit of a nomad, bouncing back and forth from coast to coast lately. NH to Santa Cruz back to NH to Boise and now Philly area (sadly the worst trail scene of the 4)

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Method Seven’s Santa Cruz location while living there and I am SUPER pumped to see how the new trail running glasses come out after this event… I can’t pull off the aviator/pilot look but I’m beyond ready for a new pair of active outdoor shades :sunglasses: Not sure how much my data will help but hoping it does some good

Hi all! I was connected to @kkfischer and @PWR-Lab when I completed the TogetherRelay (fragmented 70 segment/ section “relay” for the Bay Area Ridge Trail) during COVID Lockdowns. It was one of the best “events” I’ve ever done! Love these virtual challenges to keep training more interesting. I’m in Marin/ SF NorthBay area currently.

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