Head torch options

I’m after peoples tips for head torches for ultras. I’m not a fast guy, so would spend quite a while in the dark, and run predawn on trails multiple times a week. I ha e been running with a BD Icon, massive lumens and x4AA batteries means reliable, long lasting light. But the pivot is worn and I need a née toy before UTA.

I really like the idea of AA/AAA batteries as I never have to recharge, and I can carry a couple of spares for emergency, but it seems everyone is going usb rechargeable now. I’m just not that impressed with battery life and the fact I would need to recharge every day.

I’m used to 700 lumens almost indefinitely, no recharges.

Any tips?


Hey @Tryintrails I think BD makes some of the best, but if you’re looking for an alternate, Petzl makes some very good options as well…they are rechargeable though. Check out their Swift and Actik models. The swift is the pricier option but works very well. Cheers!


On advice of an ultrarunner friend I got a BD Spot 325 and I am very happy with it. It’s bright enough, last at least 6 hours, and is fairly light and easy to adjust. It takes 3 AAA batteries, so I carry replacement with me for a race, however, before my recent overnight race I opted to get two lamps, rather than mess with battery change with fingers stiff from cold.


If you can get hold of LED Lenser torches in the US, I recommend them. Mine (an H7 or R7 I think) has rechargeable AAAs in the battery pack, which can be swapped out for normal batteries if needed in a race.

My running friends have nicknamed it the “tractor light.”

I use the classic Petzl Tikka

Although it is not 700 lumens, the battery lasts really long. I have 2 head torches on one strap. One heads forward, set to white light. The second one heads backwards, set to red light. As red light consumes a lot less battery, I always have a backup light whenever I need it.
Whenever battery goes low in the forehead torch, I just swap the front and the back torches, set white and red light as its needed and I have another few hours in proper light.

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I really love my FENIX HL60R

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