So - a couple of BIG races coming up - whos your money on, what are you looking forward to, nad are any of you running!

Ive beenb following Dylan Bowmans journey the last couple of weeks since States, great to see some of the background via his Pillars you tube cannel.

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Definitely rooting for DB too, and I’m a huge fan of Courtney D – it’s about 2pm CT right now and I just saw on twitter that there are some heavy rains as they head up Handie’s peak!

Looks like the expected people out front so far, CD cruising at the front and Francois closely followed by Dbow.

I’m just excited to see Hardrock back after two years off…

Speedy times at Hardrock this year - Francois D’haene took the overall win with a new course record time of 21:45:51…speedy

Dylan Bowman also beat the overall record with a time of 22:45:51 - exactly one hour after the Francois…this time also broke the previous counterclockwise course record…

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What’s the chat around badwater? I haven’t seen a start list?

Pretty nuts that both 1 & 2 beat Kilian’s time…that guy is speedy

Sally McRae!

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That was awesome! What a damn crazy event that is…