Gvrat 2021


Looks like Laz is at it again. Presumably they won’t get nearly the participation as last year, but it seems like a very good cause.

I finished the race last year, but I don’t think I’ll sign up this year. I’d like to spend more time on my bike in the hope that in-person triathlons pick up momentum in the fall.

I signed up again this year.

I really enjoyed seeing people post their personal experiences and journeys online. should be able to finish the BAT.

@Vegaskid and @sathomasga I did the GVRAT last year and honestly thought it was great. I dont think I’ll sign up again this year just because circumstances dont look like they’ll be as flexible for me. However, it’s still an excellent event. I’m also glad they’re more explicit about what’s being supported this year. I think there was some consternation among runners last year about where the entry fees went…I honestly didnt mind that much one way or the other but with 20k entrants at $60-100 a piece, I think more transparency is generally better than less.

This is very tempting.