Great Outdoors Month Photo Contest Winners

Alright, the photo submissions are complete. The voting is finished. And, we have our three winners of this month’s Great Outdoors Photo Contest.

A few stats before we get into the winners -

We had 40 photos submitted.
There were over 2,600 people that viewed all the submitted photos
In total, there were over 300 “likes” given to the photos
And, over 200 new members joined the forum to either submit their photos or like those contributed.

Exciting to see and really thankful for everyone that took the time to participate. We will continue these contests each month into the future, so tune in regularly to see what’s in store for the next month.

Alright, let’s get to the winners:

In first place, with 75 votes - @Dane with this amazing photo and description:

"On a run in the outskirts of Portland I had my head down struggling up a hill. I look up and I see this. I think “I’m going to take a picture but no way my little camera is ever going to capture what I am seeing.”

It did. No filters, no nice camera, no skills. Just absolutely beautiful. I will likely never top this."


In second place, with 61 votes - @LBrown84 with this awesome photo and description:

“Last summer I was fortunate enough to get the chance to run in half marathon right outside Rocky Mountain National Park. This was my first time going out west and visiting Colorado. I was able to get out and hike a little in the park. This picture was taken during my first visit to the park at Bear Lake. Could not have asked for better weather and this made me fall in love with Colorado; I can’t wait to return, absolutely breathtaking views.”


And in third place, with 22 votes - @ndk23 with this beautiful photo and description:

“Enjoying a relaxing morning at Glacier NP”


We want to congratulate the winners. We will be reaching out to each individual to coordinate their prizes.

For everyone that submitted a photo, we will also be reaching out to you to provide you with a coupon code from Huma Gel to claim your sample pack.

Thank you all for your submissions, these are truly great pictures and it is a real treat to be able to see everyone’s perspective on the Great Outdoors.


Congrats everyone. Very nice pics.