GPS watches

Ok folks, I’ve tried a few brands but am curious to hear what others think? I’ve used a Garmin Vivoactive (I think) that was basically a high caliber activity tracker, we’ve had a Suunto 4 that was really great, but my wife has claimed it as her own, and now I use a Coros apex, which I love. I’m definitely drooling a bit over the Coros Vertix 2.

What do other ppl use? What do you like/dislike? Any thoughts? Polar/Samsung/Apple?

I’m a Garmin man from my tri days, 925xt at them moment, but I have a second hand coros arriving tomorrow to try. I like the idea of decent battery life!

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I’ve bee absolutely shocked by Coros’ battery life. It’s lasted for days on end for me, including using it during races and subsequent runs. Hope it works well for you!