Going for 50K?

Does the 50K week have to be done all at once or can I break it up into segments? Asking for a friend…


Hey @madmaxraven! First you have to unlock the 50k :sunglasses: :smiling_imp:

Think of each distance in the Trail Series as its own segment – each has to be done as a continuous effort in one go. The 50k is a bonus distance for anyone who checks off the first 7 and won’t be for everyone… love to hear that you’ve already set your sights on it

All your runs – even if not an official distance challenge – count toward the mileage tracker and the donation pool


I have to skip the 50k with my BQ marathon attempt coming in 3 weeks. I was hoping the final challenge was only going to be a marathon distance :weary:

I had the the 50k unlocked and ran it, but in the rain I was fumbling with my jacket and hit my garmin buttons, saving what I had at about the half, restarted my watch to get the 2nd half. Since the 50k went in as 2 parts, it won’t register so I entered the total time manually, unfortunately this makes it unverified, I hope that’s okay.

Still hoping to get mine in, but it’s looking less and less likely. Praying to the weather gods, as a 50k on snow and ice isn’t in the cards for me right now (from a time perspective more than anything). Good news is I “think” I’ve got the app somewhat working again, as at least some of my runs are uploading properly again.

I ran a marathon race this past weekend to BQ so mine is looking less likely as well. Horrible conditions with heat and humidity. I had plans of running the extra 5 miles after crossing the line but it just wasn’t meant to be. Not even sure how I finished 26.2. Cool challenge, just didn’t fit my schedule in the end.

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@runjimorun, congrats on your marathon! I can’t even imagine dealing with heat and humidity in December…

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