FKTs for mortals

I’m a huge fan of FKTs, watching pros battle a pure time battle. Long days, iconic routes, and the feeling of adventure rather than battling for position.

But I’m not fast.

I ran a solo, self supported 50 miler at Christmas and loved the purity of it, but in reality it was a long run.

Other than chasing strava segments, has anyone come up with a concept of attacking these trails FKT style and having a time based objective? Because while the FKT movement is truly inspirational, for most it’s unobtainable.

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I think FKT needs to add leaderboards and age groups. I think it would make FKTs much more “relatable” to the rest of the world.

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Self supported 50 miler sounds tough! Good for you!

I think it’s an interesting idea though…almost like an overall cutoff time but not individual segment cutoffs. That would allow for a bit more flexibility in determining strategy…

Maybe you should become an RD! :wink: :smiley:

The idea of adding age group FKTs would definitely create more opportunities for more runners to earn a title of an FKT holder. Just initially considering it, I like the concept. It’s also interesting to think that an individual runner has the potential to earn and hold multiple age group FKTs for the same route!

Congrats on the 50 miler! Fifty miles is a long distance to cover, and to do it self supported makes it more impressive in my opinion.

Just throwing this out there as an idea for you. An aspect of the FKT site that I think is really cool is that it allows you to create and submit routes as new FKT routes. So, if you create a cool 50 mile route that is not currently on the FKT site, you run it, and then submit it to the site and BOOM! You’re an FKT holder! I know you said you’re not fast, but you don’t need to be if you’re the only one with a documented completion of the route. I don’t think setting the initial FKT, or Only Known Time (OKT), is really so much about being fast. I’d say it’s more about just setting the bar and introducing the route to others.

Edit: just for a little background on my experience with FKTs and a shameless plug for my blog, I bettered a standing FKT for the out and back of the Batona Trail (about 106 miles round trip) last summer.


very good point and very cool feature!

Just set an FKT around my house, we went back into lockdown here in Sydney Aus this week, so I got restless and created a challenge - 50k ‘lockdown ultra’ around my block…which is 400m around. 125 laps🤦‍♂️


Wow. This is a “mini” version of the Self-Transcedence 3,100 run in NYC. That takes some mental toughness to push for 125 laps

Yeah I hadn’t thought of it that way… mini in distance but also in lap length… I’ve got a sore glute from turning left for 5 hours😂

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